Sports Betting Forums: More Pain than Profit

Let’s face it, the facts are hard to deny. Sports bettors are more likely to lose long-term than to win. This is how the industry was created. However, this does not mean everyone wins. Plenty of people make a living doing this. You shouldn’t find long-term winners congregating at popular betting forums.

One of the biggest problems with sports betting forums are the large number of square bettors who linger there looking for companionship. It is difficult enough to learn how to be a sharp (or smart) sports bettor. It is nearly impossible to learn how to be sharp in an online betting forum with all the squares chatting about their 13-team parlay. plysbo I don’t mean to exaggerate when I say that 13 team parlays in an internet sports forum are a norm, not an exception. I hope you don’t think that it is necessary to say that you should never play a 13-team parlay.

Next, there are many distractions in sports betting forums. There are the ‘babes of the week’ posts, the ‘I love picking my nose’ posts, and all the other circus sideshow nonsense that can distract you from your goal (profit). While it is tempting to become friends with the squares online, I strongly advise against this. You’ll soon start to think and act like them. While this isn’t to say that people who hang out on sports betting forums don’t care about winning long-term, it does not mean that they aren’t decent people. I have known and been friends with enough of them to know that this is a fact.

You shouldn’t waste your time on any sports forum. You can’t waste your time searching for the best betting system or handicapper on a betting forum. It is not possible to simply outsource your sports betting research and find the best handicapper. This I can assure you. Only by doing your research and drawing your own conclusions can you get a full understanding of the details of sports betting numbers.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid betting forums. The betting industry doesn’t have enough useful information to ensure longevity. While they can be a lot of fun and some characters will make you smile, professionals can be found anywhere. Look for professionals if you’re new to the industry. You can find them at Las Vegas sportsbooks. Ask around. There are many. Pro’s love to be with other pros. Winners share their prizes with other winners. Through common sense and proper research, winners create betting systems. Make friends by finding out about these people.

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